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Riktam BA,HNC, Tesol Cert. Full Member
Edinburgh (EH) View on map
Last Logged In: 23 Aug 2009
Sex: Male

Star BA Religious Studies
Star HNC. Early education and child care
Star TESOL Certificate (Teacher of English as a second language)
CRB Full CRB  or Scotland enhanced disclosure checked and cleared
Star References are available upon request


  • A-level French £20.00/hr
  • A-level Religious Studies £25.00/hr
  • Early Years Education £10.00/hr
  • English (EFL) £20.00/hr
  • French £20.00/hr
  • GCSE Religious Studies £20.00/hr
  • Higher French £25.00/hr
  • Higher Religious Studies £25.00/hr
  • Japanese £25.00/hr
  • Key Stage 1 English £20.00/hr
  • Key Stage 1 French £20.00/hr
  • Key Stage 2 English £20.00/hr
  • Key Stage 2 French £20.00/hr
  • Key Stage 3 French £20.00/hr
  • Standard Grade French £20.00/hr
  • Standard Grade Religious Studies £25.00/hr



Which subject/s do you teach to private students?
My main subject is English as a foreign language. However, I am also qualified to degree or college level to teach French, religious studies and early childhood education.

Describe any relevant qualifications:
Tesol cert., Cambridge Trinity college, 1996, Golders green college, London. BA degree Religious studies and philosophy, 1995, Stirling university. HNC early education and child care, 2008, Angus college.
I also have qualifications in modern and ancient languages- including Japanese, French, German, Latin & Greek.

Describe your teaching or tutoring experience:
My main career since 1996 has been teaching English as a foreign language plus some classes and tutoring across other subjects listed. I have tutored French on a one-to-one basis since 1989 and more recently, I've taught either EFL or ESOL English classes & French conversational classes for either Edinburgh University and for Edinburgh & East Lothian's adult education evening courses.

Do you have a recent CRB or Scotland enhanced disclosure certificate?
Yes, I have the Scottish enhanced disclosure since it is the CRB equivalent in Scotland. I frequently update my disclosures.

Where can you teach privately? Or where can you travel to?
My main aim is to teach private lessons in Edinburgh area. However, I will consider teaching private lessons in other local areas like East Lothian, West Lothian, Midlothian and Fife regions. Please just send me any requests.

How much do you charge per hour for private lessons?
My rates vary, depending on whether I teach from my own home or visit the student's home or another venue. However, my basic rate is from £15-25/hour- depending on the lesson circumstances e.g. whether it is teaching from my own home or if teaching home lessons in Edinburgh or the surrounding regions. I may discount private lesson rates, if you study several times per week and I take the time of day into account plus the number of students in the class. Please just ask me!

Describe when you are available to teach private lessons:
My availability to tutor private lessons, varies frequently, depending on my current private students and other work. Therefore, please just contact me to state your request and availability so we can arrange a free initial meeting. Moreover, if I cannot help, I will likely be able to refer you to someone else who can.

Which ages, levels or specialist courses do you teach?
This is open to discussion and incidentally, I have taught EFL English across almost all imaginable ages and academic sectors. As far as teaching foreign languages, I have over 10 years teaching experience of tutoring home lessons. I've taught English as a private tutor as well as an English teacher & lecturer plus teacher-trainer. My very wide range of tudents' aims and backgrounds have been diverse so I've inevitably created customised language courses to suit them accordingly.

Please describe any of your current private lesson arrangements:
Most of my French students have been adults or young people- studying it for a hobby and holidays or to pass school exams.
My current French classes in East Lothian are beginner travel and daily skills courses. As for my English students, they are mostly with international students or adults working in Edinburgh. My private lessons and local tutoring can offer a flexible schedule and help to prepare for exams and develop students' career opportunities.

Personal message- why private students should choose you?
Every student's interests and reasons for studying, are different! However, as an enthusiastic & experienced private tutor, I customise relevant courses to suit you, where and when you want to study. Initially, the key to tutoring for me, is to support and improve your independence to learn and/or practise conversation and comprehension, while extending your vocabulary and understanding of the context/use of grammar structures

Articles by this tutor :

A brilliant website for self-study is Ego4u
Subject: English (EFL)
Topic: recommendations (websites)
Created: 12/10/2009
MaFrance on BBC website is an excelllent Resource!
Subject: A-level French
Topic: recommendations (websites)
Created: 20/10/2009

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